How to put a smile on your face each morning

Arabella Weir dancing in her home
Everybody dance now: Arabella Weir takes a few steps to brighten up her mornings

What I’m about to tell you probably makes me sound ghastly, or crazy, or both. When I get up in the morning,  I like a laugh. As soon as possible after I wake, I like to find something that’ll make me giggle and fill me with good cheer for the day.

But these days this is no mean feat, since at my place the mood of a morning is set by my teenage children. The sun may be shining, heralding a glorious day ahead, or it may be tipping buckets outside – it makes not a jot of difference. When a teenager emerges from their lair it is they and they alone who decide how jolly or, more likely miserable, breakfast time is going to be.

After a few fruitless months of attempting to get mine to laugh along with me to a silly bit of news or the sight of a neighbour’s washing badly entangled round the line I decided to ditch that approach and go native – by which I mean I started doing what is guaranteed always to make me laugh like a drain. Namely, dancing to Seventies disco music.

Specifically Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind and Fire. Or if I’m feeling crazy, I’ll mix it up and rock my moves (as they say) to Get Down On It by Kool and the Gang. Even if you loathe that style of music I challenge anyone not to find themselves dancing to their beat and then to feel so much better for having done so. Try it, you won’t regret it. Even if you’re not a fabulous mover dancing is fantastic fun, particularly so at random, “non-dancey” times of the day, such as at breakfast.

Down your cheery glass of Tropicana and bust those moves and you’ll feel invigorated and ready for all that life is going to throw at you during the day ahead.

Reeling about your kitchen will fill you with joy, lift your mood, and make you laugh with with abandon – or at the very least put a massive smile on your face. And if you don’t laugh then those sharing their mornings with you most certainly will, trust me.

One last thought before you do, though, depending on your levels of energy you might want to hold off eating solids until after the dance session.