What happens if you drink orange juice every day?

Comedian Arabella Weir drinking orange juice
Comedian Arabella Weir gets one of her five a day

Sick of feeling lacklustre in the morning, comedian Arabella Weir has agreed to take on a series of 12 challenges to make the beginning of the day bright again. This week, she’s drinking one 150ml glass of Tropicana every morning with her breakfast, to see if she can bring some oomph to the start of her day...

Woke up this morning, feelin’ fine… Hmmm, so the song goes but actually, for me, this is very much not the case. Not on previous mornings or many other mornings that I can recall. Not feelin’, or even “feeling” fine. I’m more accustomed to the predictably regular sensation of feeling sludgy, groggy and floppy and in constant need of some sort of instant energy boost – a kind of injection of pizzazz, if you like – a direct zap to the brain of jazz hands.

I dare say my Scottish parents would tersely suggest that this need can be swiftly and efficiently delivered in the form of jumping into a freezing cold loch – mercifully, that’s not an option in North London, where I live. So in search of the same kind of oomph, I pour myself a glass of Tropicana orange juice (with bits, I’m no wimp!).

And I am not disappointed. On the first few days of this new morning regime I down my glass in one super-refreshing, enlivening gulp. And I do genuinely find myself considerably perked up having done so. And as the days go by I realise I like the taste so much, as well as the juice’s refreshing effects, that I decide to opt for savouring my morning drink, sip by delicious sip. I’ve stuck religiously to the prescribed 150ml, so as to be sure to be able to relish every last drop.

The only downside to doing that and not downing it in one is that I then find myself standing over the glass, carton in hand, in theory on it’s way back to the fridge but pausing, wanting a drop more. But, no, the challenge is 150ml a day and 150ml a day only so that is what I’ll stick to, see if I don’t!

And do you know what? Seven days in and the mornings are indeed looking a bit brighter. I am less grouchy and sullen. In fact, my days now start with me feelin’ fine – perkier and cheerier – as I look forward to breakfast with my OJ little glass.

Hey, as the song goes, maybe at last I am now “into something good”.