Avoid make-up mishaps with this morning beauty routine

Lady putting on red lipstick
Master the art of make-up: avoid morning mistakes with these top make-up tips Credit: Alamy

Get your morning beauty routine spot on to save time and look your best all day. Here are five tips from expert make-up artist Michelle Campbell.

Keeping your face flawless throughout the day is tough. Like our daily regimes of dental care and oral hygiene, we think it’s a matter of upkeep – constant powdering, mist spritzing and mirror checking – but what’s actually key is getting the basics spot-on first thing. The celebrity make-up artist Michelle Campbell, who has been in the industry for 16 years, has honed this skill to perfection in working with stars such as Gillian Anderson, Anna Friel and Alexa Chung. She shares her killer tips for looking great and avoiding any beauty mishaps along the way. Michelle says:

  1. Think about your mouth first

    “Your lips and mouth are how you communicate during the day. So start by brushing your teeth properly to ensure they’re super clean and follow by brushing your lips with a spare toothbrush and a daub of lip balm to exfoliate and keep them smooth. That makes a great base for lipstick – especially if you’re wearing bright or matte shades which can highlight flaky lips.”

  2. Start touching your face

    “We can be quite scared of touching our skin. As a make-up artist I need to feel my clients’ faces to know their bone structure, and I also know that facial massage is key to beautiful skin. Before I start applying any make-up on a client, I’ll use my hands to massage in skincare. You can do the same at home, too – just apply your skincare, and use the fleshy part of your palms to work your skin upwards and outwards – never down – we don’t want to encourage gravity. Your skin will look brighter as the blood comes to the surface and it stimulates your lymphatic flow. Think of it as a morning facial workout.”

  3. Change where you apply your make-up

    “Most women sit in completely the wrong place to apply make-up – a dark bedroom or an artificially lit bathroom. You need natural light, otherwise it looks totally different when you step outside. Those hand-held magnifying mirrors with lights on are great for plucking your brows, but that’s all. You need a good, large mirror and natural light to help you apply your base products properly – such as your foundation and concealer. And when it comes to picking those, go for products that have a little slide to them – anything too thick can appear cakey and settle into fine lines.”

  4. Make your eyes the priority

    “It’s easy to spend all your time on your lips, cheeks or base, but the eyes are the windows to the soul so focus on them. First, invest in a great mascara – one that has a good brush or comb so that your lashes are clump free. Make sure you throw it away every three months though – they harbour bacteria and dry out.

    “Another must-have is a brow brush rather than a comb. Use the brush to exfoliate the skin beneath your brows, encourage healthy brow growth and keep your brows in shape. Pencil in anything that’s not there, but focus your attention on the arch. If you add too much colour at the start of your brows it can make them look too close together.”

  5. Think bronzer, not blusher

    “Women always reach for lipstick as their primary beauty product, but the most underused beauty tool is a good bronzer. It does need to be matte though – anything shimmery will look too unnatural. Pick one that is one to two shades darker than your skin tone and use it in the hollows of your face, such as below the cheekbones. You can use it underneath the chin to define your jawline, too, and dust it across the face to warm up your complexion. Bronzer works for all skin tones, so spend time finding the right shade.”

There’s so much you can do to refocus your morning beauty routine and to avoid any make-up blunders when you’re in a frantic rush, but Michelle has one final tip. “Get a shimmery cream blush pot. This is a brilliant product as you can use it as an eyeshadow, on your lips and your cheeks, too. It’s a great one for when you’re time-pushed and is perfect to use on the go.”

Have a good morning

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