2019 Audi Q7 review: upgrades make the ultimate family car even more irresistible

Audi Q7 - facelift - July 2019

You’ll probably have come to your own conclusions about the Audi Q7 already. After all, it isn’t exactly the kind of car that’s easy to miss. You might have spotted it storming along the outside lane of a motorway, or perhaps sitting outside a local school. Or maybe you’ve thrown your hands up in irritation as one blocked the road ahead while its driver attempts to negotiate a width restriction.

Either way, as one of the burgeoning number of full-size, seven-seat SUVs, there’s a chance you might not be the Q7’s greatest fan. 

Unless, of course, you own one. If you do, you’ll likely have marvelled at just how good it is at… well, just about everything. Need to swallow lots of people? You get seven...

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