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Three award-winning ramblers chosen by plant-hunter Lark Hanham

What’s the difference between ramblers and climbers? Simply put, ramblers are more vigorous and not for the faint-hearted. For a rose, their flowering is unsurpassed, while their less fussy, fully hardy nature makes them a strong choice for experienced gardeners. They’re ideal for quickly covering large expanses of wall or pergola, whereas climbing roses can take several years to get going. Ramblers also produce masses of smaller flowers rather than fewer larger blooms. Nevertheless, what a rambler’s blooms lack in size, they make up for in sheer volume. For me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of a midsummer English garden is watching a wandering rambler break its bud and produce a flurry of clustered blooms, followed by glossy red hips in autumn.

Rosa ‘Albertine’ AGM

Rosa ‘Albertine’ AGM

This award-winning climber’s growth is vigorous and disease free, while its appearance makes it a beautiful addition to the garden. Its loosely ruffled, double blooms boast an apricot hue and a relaxed, raggedy charm. From June–August, its undeniably strong, fruity fragrance permeates the air. Plant next to Clematis viticella ‘Dark Eyes’ and watch the two intertwine. Height 4m x 3m.

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Rosa ‘Veilchenblau’ AGM

Rosa ‘Veilchenblau’ AGM

The unusually coloured Veilchenblau offers the gardener large clusters of small, cupped strongly scented, semi-double flowers in an interesting violet-purple blossoms with a striking white eye. Its habit is informal and lax, however, it’s almost thorn less stems won’t make you regret your choice when you want to tie in any of its side shoots. This award-winning rambler will effortlessly tumble along fences and arbores with immense elegance; ideal for those who want quick impact, as it will fill substantial gaps in the garden in a short amount of time. Height and spread 4.5m.

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Rosa ‘Rambling Rector’ AGM

Rosa ‘Rambling Rector’ AGM Credit: Credit: Rex May / Alamy Stock Photo/Rex May / Alamy Stock Photo

‘Rambling Rector’ forms an avalanche of award-winning, large white blooms with vibrant yellow stamens throughoutsummer. One the best-selling ramblers, it’s fittingly named – it really does ramble over anything in its path. However, it’s ideal for scrambling throughlarge-specimen trees and over single-storey outbuildings as it can tolerate shadier locations. When in bloom, its enormous garlands of white are mesmerising. Height and spread 8m.

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Buy one for £12 or buy the mix of three for £24 (buy two, get one free), or the mix of six for £42, save £36. P&P £4.95. Supplied as mature-flowering bare roots in 14 days*. Order at or call03337720325. Contract for supply of goods is with Hayloft Plants Ltd. *Offers subject to availability. Offer closing date December 8th, 2019.

Offer closing date December 8th, 2019.