Forget the Med, you can now fly direct to Scotland's stunningly remote islands

The wild beaches of Luskentyre just got easier to reach Credit: istock
Loganair can get you to the Outer Hebrides in under three hours, which makes it perfect for a long weekend break. Here's how to spend your time there

“We’re just pulling back around the runway as one of the doors has popped open” - words that are pretty high on the list of those that you don’t want to hear when taking off in a small plane. But they were the words being issued from the cockpit on our Loganair flight up to some of the UK’s most remote islands.

I was travelling on the new route offering the first direct flights from London to the Hebrides. Having taken off from Southend airport at 8.30am on a Friday morning after a surprisingly comfortable night in the neighbouring Holiday Inn,...

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